The Paul Pogba extortion case is still in court as the midfielder strives to seek justice and have those responsible jailed.

The Frenchman stands out as the most successful individual in his family and among his childhood friends, and understandably, he helps them as much as he can.

Remaining a popular figure in world football, Pogba is one of the players that soccer fans love.

However, individuals he considered friends and family attempted to extort money from him repeatedly and even plotted to kidnap him.

After his brother made some ridiculous claims public, the Juventus midfielder opened up about what he has been going through, leading to the police arresting some of the perpetrators.

Tuttomercatoweb reveals that the Frenchman’s ordeal was masterminded by a former friend, Adama C. He was the one who plotted to kidnap the World Cup winner and sought a ransom of 25 million euros.

Juve FC Says

Footballers live a charmed life and sometimes people expect a lot from them because of the money they earn.

However, nothing can justify a sense of entitlement that has graduated into a case of attempted kidnap.

Hopefully, the law will take its course and the perpetrators of this evil plot will be punished accordingly.