During an interview with Sky Sport, Paulo Dybala in kind and grateful words gave us an insight into the difference between Massimiliano Allegri and Jose Mourinho, calling the two managers helpful and good people. 

Dybala has worked under both managers and rather than say anything negative, he instead made it clear that Allegri and Mourinho are managers that have helped him grow and improve. 

The Argentine said, to Sky, as quoted by TuttoJuve, “On a personal level they are very similar, two very good people, they help the players a lot, they take responsibility. I worked a lot more with Allegri, with Mou only six months. Both have won a lot. They take care of both the defensive phase but also the offensive one. Allegri has helped me a lot to grow, and Mourinho is helping me to improve every day”.

Mourinho and Allegri are both elite managers with an immense amount of experience and any player will benefit from their tutelage as long as they buy into their respective visions.

Dybala himself is a very talented individual but he can be inconsistent on occasions and it takes a top-class manager to help a player remove that inconsistency from their game and as long as Dybala is prepared to listen and learn then he will not get many better teachers than those two.

Football evolves and the jury is out on whether Mourinho and Allegri have evolved enough, recent results suggest they are struggling but their records will stand the test of time and they will both go down as some of the games’ great managers.