Paulo Dybala has confirmed that he’s very close to a renewal with Juventus, insisting there is ‘will’ to extend his deal.

The renewal has been discussed since the start of the season, however Dybala has now confirmed a new deal is very close.

“We’ve very close to the renewal,” Dybala told Sky Italia.

“There’s very little missing. My agent will come to Italy to talk about the last things with Marotta, but the will is there on our part.

“We have to think of Palermo now, then afterward we’ll switch on to the Champions League.

“We’re expecting a very difficult game, with a very noisy stadium. I asked Alex Sandro about it and he confirmed that it won’t be easy.”

“I experienced many emotions with Palermo. The worst was the relegation in my first year, but later it was nice when we got back to Serie A.

“That was the most beautiful experience I had in Palermo, with an incredible party and the enthusiasm of the fans.

“With the change of system, I’ve grown in terms of helping the team.

“I need to drop a bit deeper, as Allegri has asked me not to get caught between the lines. There are a lot of us in attack which means there’s limited space, so I have to go deeper and play with the midfielders or look for pockets of space.

“Gonzalo Higuain? He thanked me for the assist I gave him against Cagliari, but he always does. Personally I’m lacking a few goals, but I’ve created chances for others.

“I was a bit unlucky against Crotone and Inter, but I’m playing well for the team.”