As part of severing ties with UEFA and joining the botched European Super League, Juventus withdrew its membership from the European Club Association (ECA).

This bold decision was taken under the leadership of Andrea Agnelli, who put everything on the line to show he truly supported the Super League and believed the competition would succeed.

Juve was one of the three clubs insisting that the Super League should proceed, even when several other clubs pulled out of the agreement.

However, when Agnelli and his board left, Juve began to take a different approach in its bid to return to UEFA.

The Bianconeri have not shown interest in clarifying their stance on the Super League in recent times, but they have clearly been leaning towards a return to the previous structure.

They have now rejoined the ECA, and Massimo Pavan explains that they had to make this decision.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Juventus forced not to isolate themselves to survive. The return to the Eca was almost forced, when it happened it almost seems like it was all a continuous blackmail, Juventus does not have the political strength to fight alone against everyone, unfortunately! We have also seen this in the past.”

Juve FC Says

We are one of the biggest clubs in the world, but we cannot earn that in isolation, so we need to remain members of the relevant football associations globally.