The breakdown of the relationship between Juventus and Leonardo Bonucci has surprised Massimo Pavan, and it appears that Bonucci is taking legal action against the club.

At the beginning of the preseason, Juventus informed Bonucci that he was no longer part of their plans, a decision that caught the defender off guard. Despite having one season left on his contract, Bonucci was determined to fight for his place and wanted the opportunity to demonstrate that he could still contribute to the team.

However, Juventus had no interest in providing him with another chance and essentially pushed him to leave the club during the summer transfer window. Bonucci has since found a new home at Union Berlin but appears motivated to seek some form of retribution for what he perceives as an unfair departure from the Allianz Stadium.

Pavan expresses surprise at how their relationship has deteriorated and said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“I would like Bonucci and the Juve to find a way to part ways in a conciliatory way after so many shared victories. I don’t think slamming the doors now helps anyone, then everyone rightly does what they think is right.”

Juve FC Says

Bonucci is making a mess of the situation and now acts like he no longer cares about his legacy at the club.

By the end of this drama, no one will speak well of him and he will have ruined any chance he had of returning to the club in the future, in any capacity.