Massimo Pavan has encouraged the Juventus players to finish the season strongly despite the challenges they have faced, emphasizing the importance of winning their remaining games. Juventus has two matches left, with their first one against AC Milan today, as they aim to overcome their points deduction and conclude the season on a positive note.

Just a few weeks ago, Juventus occupied a comfortable second position in the league table. However, the ten-point deduction they received as a penalty has significantly impacted their chances of even securing a Europa League spot.

Nonetheless, Juventus is determined to finish the season with a flourish and their upcoming match against Milan provides an opportunity to send a message to other clubs in the league. Pavan’s call for a strong finish highlights the team’s desire to end the campaign on a high note, despite the challenges they have encountered along the way.

Ahead of the match, Pavan said via Tuttojuve:

“In this championship, you see unspeakable things, twelve points removed, because those with Salernitana count, then this team is asked for a sacrifice tonight because beating those who say they deserve the Champions League and would be five points behind is truly incredible. If I were Juve players I would like to prove otherwise”.

Juve FC Says

Beating Milan will not be easy, but there is no more room for losses or draws and we have to finish this campaign on a good note.

The game would also be played in front of our fans and they deserve to see their team win its last home match of the term.