Juventus have officially announced the appointment of Pavel Nedved as the club’s new vice-president.

The club confirmed the news earlier today via a statement on Juventus.com, with Bianconeri Chairman Andrea Agnelli saying:

“Pavel has developed massively over the last five years as a board member. He’s now a skilled and knowledgeable member of staff and fully aware of all the various activities that go on inside the company. He possesses commercial perception and specific skills in the balance sheet analysis of a sporting business.”

Nedved replied: “I’d like to thank the president and the club for their belief in me so I can go on working for one of the world’s top teams. My role won’t change much. I’ll still be in daily contact with the players and coach, it’s on the pitch where I can help the most. As the years have gone by I’ve been able to see how a great club is managed. I’m fired up to defend our colours.”

Speaking after the meeting, Nedved was quizzed about midfielder Paul Pogba and rightly defended the Frenchman’s recent displays.

“Paul Pogba is our player and he is extremely talented. For one born in 1993, he showed some exceptional things.

“I am in touch with him daily, and he doesn’t need advice.

“Perhaps we should ask ourselves if we’re the ones who are asking too much from a player of that age.

“We must leave him alone. I have no worries, his future is extremely bright.”