Cristiano Ronaldo has overtaken Pele as the leading goalscorer in world football and has posted about it on Instagram.

He scored a hat-trick as Juve beat Cagliari 3-1 in Serie A this evening and that took his goal tally to 770 official career goals.

Pele scored 757 official goals in his career, but Ronaldo decided to add the 10 unofficial goals that he also scored for the Sao Paulo state team and Brazilian military team.

He didn’t celebrate his achievement until after the Cagliari game and he explained that he had wanted to surpass even the unofficial tally before speaking about his new record.

Ronaldo says he has so much admiration for the Brazilian legend, just like many football fans around the world.

He then thanked everyone who helped him in the journey towards the goals that he has scored in his career so far.

Several past and present footballers reacted to the post and Pele himself also made a comment. He said:

“Thanks for the affection, Cristiano. As you said, history will never be erased, but it is a pleasure to see you overcome my record of goals in official matches. Keep making me smile!”