Well if you don’t have enough problems in your own life and enjoy reading about incredibly-rich men complaining about their monetary difficulties, then you have come to the right place.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has accepted the “honor” of being named as the head of the European Super League.

In the last 48 hours, almost every single creature on this planet has given his take on this newly confirmed idea, which was about by twelve of the biggest clubs in the old continent.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has been spearheading the opposition front against the ESL, and has threatened to kick out all clubs involved from the European competitions, as well as banning their players from international fixtures.

Ceferin had reserved his stingiest comments for Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, basically calling him a liar.

On Monday night, Perez came out to explain the reasons behind establishing the Super League in front of the public.

“We’ve lost €5 billion combined, Real Madrid alone have lost €400m,” he said in an interview with El Chiringuito ( as translated by Football Italia).

“Many important clubs in Spain, Italy and UK must find a solution to a terrible financial situation.

“When you have no more income apart from TV rights, the solution is to play more attractive games with fans that can watch them from all around the world.

“We concluded that, if we play a Super League instead of the Champions League we would be able to alleviate what we have lost.

“Football needs to change and to be more attractive globally. The Champions League has lost the interest it had in 1950. Changes happen and even at that time FIFA and UEFA were against it. But that’s how football changed,” he added.

“There are low-quality games right now. A Barcelona-Manchester United tie is more attractive than Manchester United facing an average team in the Champions League.

“We have fans everywhere in the world. That’s where money are coming from. Money is for everyone. This is a pyramid. If the top clubs have money, they can generate incomes for everyone.

“One of the reasons we are doing this is to save football, to save it in general,” Florentino insisted.

“We want to start as soon as possible, we want to talk to UEFA and FIFA, but they should not get angry.

“UEFA was working to another format which, first of all, I did not understand and did not produce the income needed to save football.

“The new Champions League format for 2024 is something absurd. I have no personal interest in making this Super League. I am not the owner of Real but only the president because the members own the club. I only want to save football and when I say ‘save football’, I mean save everyone.”

The Madrid patron made sure to defend his Juventus counterpart following Ceferin’s comments.

“President Ceferin insulted Agnelli today, it is not possible. It’s crazy to discuss a president of a world club like Juventus. This is something unacceptable, UEFA must change, we don’t want a president who insults other presidents.

“PSG were not invited, as of today. We haven’t even spoken to German clubs. We are now 12 clubs, we want to become 15 clubs. If PSG and Bayern Munich refuse, the Super League won’t be cancelled,” he claimed.

“What we want, which we inherited from Bernábéu, is to save football so that we can live the next 20 years in peace as the situation is very dramatic.”

Perez denied the fact that the competition would be closed to other clubs.

“The 15 founding clubs are the ones that matter the most in terms of entertainment. Other clubs, such as Napoli or Roma, will have a chance to join the competition one year or another.

“Real Madrid and other Super League clubs will not be excluded from this 2020-21 Champions League. It won’t happen, the law protects us. This is impossible,” Florentino commented.

“This Super League is not for the rich, but it’s to save football. If this continues, football will disappear and by 2024 we would already be dead. This is the only way to save everyone: big, medium and small clubs,” he concluded.