Juventus goalkeeper Mattia Perin has discussed mental health struggles among footballers.

The Bianconeri number 2 has been one of their best alternative players who always delivers when he gets a chance.

Considering he is stuck trying to prove he can be the number one at the club, it is easy to understand if he talks about mental health issues.

Sometimes, footballers seem to live the perfect life, they have a high-paying job and the popularity most people will die to have.

However, Perin insists they are humans too. He says via Calciomercato:

“Mental health doesn’t look anyone in the face . We need to understand that we are all the same, just categorize because we are all human beings. This also applies to us footballers. There are different ways to deal with suffering: remain still or try to understand the reason for that crisis and accept it.”

Juve FC Says

Mental health problems respect no one regardless of age, country, or occupation.

It is great to see Perin talk about this because sometimes it seems footballers have a perfect life and are automatically happy.

More players will soon join the goalie in expressing how they feel, because when you speak up, you feel better and get the support you need.