Mattia Perin was reluctant to stay at Juventus last season after experiencing life as a regular at Genoa and pushed to leave.

However, Max Allegri insisted he was the best goalie to act as the Bianconeri number two and kept him in Turin.

The Italian has continued to play as the second choice and does well whenever he steps on the field to play.

Although he does not play often, a report on Tuttomercatoweb reveals he has a growing influence and they report he is now one of the most respected members of the dressing room in Turin.

This could mean that the Bianconeri now find him very valuable and would not consider allowing him to leave them no matter what happens.

Juve FC Says

Perin does well when he steps on the pitch for us and has been patient for his chances at the Allianz Stadium without causing any form of trouble.

This makes him a very professional player who understands his role within the club and is humble.

We will be more than happy to hand him a new deal if his influence continues to grow in the dressing room.

The goalie will hope he will get more chances to play before this season ends.