One decision made at the Guarantee Board at Coni ahead of Juventus’ appeal for their punishment for capital gains is the self-suspension of Piero Sandulli and he has still not disclosed why he made the decision.

The Bianconeri have been docked 15 points and believe they are innocent, so they will appeal the decision at Coni.

Sandulli had been accused of making some comments that did not qualify him to judge the case and probably wouldn’t have been selected, but he chose to suspend himself for now.

There has been no clear reason why he made the decision and when asked recently, he said via Calciomercato.

“Why did I do it? You will discover it by living. However, now I am a little’ afraid, says Battisti’s song, but all in all I am interested in this theme”.

Juve FC Says

We should not focus so much on who would be on the Coni board or not instead, we have to pay more attention to our defence of the case.

Also, our players just need to do their job on the pitch and ensure the club has all it needs to gain as many points as possible before the term finishes.