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Pirlo: ‘Balotelli should look to Kean’

March 25, 2019

Andrea Pirlo believes Mario Balotelli could learn something from recent Azzurri debutante Moise Kean.

The former Juventus midfielder gave a lengthy interview to Gazzetta Dello Sport and offered his thoughts on the title race and the state of the Italian national side.

Pirlo was first asked about the league table in Italy and how the top four will look at the end of the season.

“The same three today, even though Lazio are doing well right now,” he told the Milan based daily.

“Napoli are holding their own because they were already strong. Inter could’ve done more but slowed down at certain decisive moments, had injuries and then there was the Icardi saga.

“Roma have been a bit disappointing: after the Champions League semi-final last season, they were expected at least show signs of growth in Italy.

“To rejuvenate, they’ve had to forget that experience so they can continue the conversation that’s been started.

“You can come back when you’re strong, prepare for a game to the last detail and completely change your mindset.

“Juve weren’t Juve in Madrid, they just needed to believe in themselves. There’s almost always a match that acts as a turning point.

“In the year you win a Champions League, there are incidents that make you understand that it’ll be your year.

“In Juve’s case, that perfect match, having eliminated the team hosting the Final, and Real’s exit…

“I’m very well, I don’t miss having to train every day and I missed being able to stay with my family more.

“After 25 years as a player, I’m not anxious about finding another job right away. I still have to think about what to do.

“I’d feel good in this Italy midfield. There are three quality midfielders and one mission: to play football, always. Also against Finland: in a word, I’d call it modern.

“Balotelli? He put himself back into play and, in my opinion, contention for the national team.

“if he really accepts he has no more excuses, that alone would be a good sign. However, in the meantime it’s right that we call up Kean, given his performance in Udine.

“He hasn’t wasted the confidence placed in him and when he plays, he often scores goals. He offers a lot.”

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