After the shocking defeat at the hands of Benevento, the Juventus community has been on a fire – and not in a positive manner.

It feels as if the all the problems witnessed throughout the season have culminated in Sunday’s embarrassing loss.

From the players to the manager, all the way up to the club’s hierarchy, the fans have been blaming anyone who’s in their sights.

Andrea Pirlo naturally took some of the blame, but a large section of the supporters believe that the management left him with an unbalanced squad – with the midfield department highlighted as the weakest link.

Apparently, the coach himself might agree with the notion, as he has been reportedly disappointed with the performances of two midfielders – at least according to la Republica (via ilBianconero).

The two men in question are Aaron Ramsey and Adrien Rabiot.

Both stars arrived during the summer of 2019 as free agents from Arsenal and Paris Saint Germain respectively.

During the first season at the club, they would often find themselves in and out of Maurizio Sarri’s starting lineups.

This term, Pirlo has been handing them more opportunities, but the results haven’t always been satisfying.

Although the Frenchman is well-appreciated by the manager for his technical and physical abilities, his insuperable character has limited his progress – as it happened in the past at PSG as well the French national team.

On the other hand, the Welsh international is praised for his tactical shrewdness, but his touch on the ball has left a lot to be desired.

Could the upcoming summer transfer market prove to be the end of the their stints at Juventus?