Ex-Juventus midfielder Andrea Pirlo believes Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino has ‘a Juventus identity’ and that Juve ‘need an Isco’ to win the Champions League.

Doubts remain over the future of Max Allegri at the club with Pochettino one of the names mentioned followed an incredible cup run that’s taken Spurs all the way to their first-ever Champions League Final.

“He has a Juve identity, he’s a modern Coach who’s been in England for a long time,” Pirlo told Sky Sport Italia.

“Modern doesn’t refer to only style of play, but everything. He comes from Spanish football, he’s a collection of things.

“Midfield? They need an Isco, in my opinion.

“They’re on another level on Italy, but they have to win the Champions League. Allegri’s had a team in mind for several months.

“Midfield is where they need to improve. Maybe he felt he didn’t have enough quality in the middle of the park.

“Having bought Ronaldo, he didn’t know how to get him the ball to him. Midfielders are needed to go all the way in the Champions League.”