As football fans know by now, the success of a manager – or his failure – depends on several aspects.

Among the most important elements, we must mention the support of the locker-room.

This aspect can definitely help a coach – especially a young one – in his rise to the top, or it can lead to his downfall.

As we’ve seen last seen, Maurizio Sarri isn’t the warmest of characters, and few Bianconeri players were truly fond of him.

Therefore, watching the former Napoli manager getting sacked after an underwhelming season wasn’t exactly a shocking scene.

However, Andrea Pirlo is lucky to have his former friends and teammates supporting him during the first season of his coaching career.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport (via ilBianconero), Pirlo shares an open dialogue with the three locker-room senators.

The three leaders are obviously captain Giorgio Chiellini, vice-captain Leonardo Bonucci, and the iconic Gianluigi Buffon.

This kind of dialogue wasn’t exactly present during Sarri’s short reign.

The report adds that despite the rumors claiming that the 41-year-old could be sacked soon, such scenario is unlikely to happen before the end of the season.

Besides the senators, the source mentions two players as irreplaceable for the young tactician.

The first is Danilo, who’s been able to perform in three of four different roles throughout the season.

The Brazilian’s absence was felt during the weekend encounter at Verona, but he will be back for Tuesday’s fixture against Spezia.

The other player mentioned is Federico Chiesa who is tipped to become a Juventus leader in the future.