Former Juventus midfielder Andrea Pirlo insists Sandro Tonali isn’t like him but is a more complete player.

The 20-year-old Brescia midfielder has been linked with Juventus, Inter and Milan during recent weeks , while his physical appearance has attracted comparison to Pirlo who played for all three clubs.

“It is said that he may be my heir, but I don’t see many things in common,” Pirlo told Nicolo De Devitiis during an Instagram Live chat.

“He is another type of player. He is much more complete both in the defensive phase and when he sets up. He is a mix between my characteristics and those of other players.

“He is the most promising of midfielders. He will surely become a great player.”

Serie A has come to a standstill due to the Coronavirus pandemic, however training is resuming and the league could continue soon.

“Health comes first, then if you can finish the championship then all the better,” Pirlo continued.

“It won’t be an easy choice. We hope it will happen. Football makes many people work, maximum safety must be guaranteed.

“If one person is infected, everything must be blocked again.”