Mauricio Pochettino’s cousin believes he could take over at Juventus this summer, calling him a ‘feasible option’ for the Bianconeri.

The Argentine coach is currently preparing for a Champions League final with Tottenham Hotspur, however his cousin Daniele, who lives in Italy, believes a move to Turin isn’t out of the question.

“In my opinion [Pochettino replacing Allegri] could be feasible, because Mauricio is a coach who has shown he knows how to work well and reaching the final with Tottenham is a clear example,” he told Tutto Juve.

“If he plays it like he does all games, for me it’s the right year to win. I met him a few months ago, I met a very nice and helpful person.

“The Bianconeri’s goal is, of course, the Champions League and my cousin has all the useful qualities to be able to coach this club.

“Mauricio showed he had the right experience to be able to coach in Europe. With Tottenham he was able to forge a group of individuals that was not so well known.

“Everyone in the family would like to see him at Juventus.

“He is certainly attracted to Italy, he told us he would like to come here to find his ancestors. We also talked about Piedmontese cuisine, which he would like to try again.

“The desire is there, but honestly I don’t know if they can convince him. The decision clearly falls to him.

“In the event that he should accept Juve, we will welcome him with open arms.”