Paul Pogba has not played for Juventus since he returned to the club in the summer as a free agent and it has not been what their fans expected.

The midfielder has suffered several setbacks in his bid to return and continues to earn a salary that puts him among the highest paid at the club.

Some fans have even called for him to stop earning his pay until he can play, but it doesn’t seem the Frenchman is considering that.

A report on Football Italia reveals he recently made a post that showed he went skiing, and it did not impress Juve fans.

Most of them commented, letting him know that he is playing with their patience and it would soon run out.

Juve FC Says

Pogba is expected to become a player that will help us get back among the top clubs in Europe and it is disappointing that he has been unable to play for us since he joined.

We cannot blame him for his injury problems, but the midfielder must cut down on his off-field activities and focus more on his recovery.

Fans will appreciate it more if he spends less time posting on social media and instead work on returning to his best shape to help the club.