Juventus has been hit hard by the news of Paul Pogba’s suspension for failing a doping test, and the midfielder is reportedly preparing to request a re-test to challenge the results. Pogba is one of the club’s highest earners, and there have been efforts to renegotiate his contract to reduce his wages, particularly given his limited playing time, including just one start last season and minimal participation in the current campaign.

If Pogba’s doping offence is confirmed, he could face a ban of up to four years, a consequence that could effectively end his football career. In light of these developments, Serie A lawyer Mattia Grassani has commented on the situation and suggested that Pogba could potentially be asked to pay damages to the club and its shareholders. The legal implications of the doping case will likely become more clear as the investigation progresses.

Grassani said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

“It is difficult to say what the sanction will be but if the positivity is confirmed without an intentional will, the sanction could be close to four years. The picture is very worrying, serious, serious, what is certain is that now with the suspension the ball passes also to Juventus, who could already suspend Pogba from activity and wages today. 

“The alternative is that he could wait for the conclusion of the proceedings, which will be very rapid. In the end they will be able to decide whether to keep the contract with the Frenchman standing or terminate it and in the case to protect the shareholders ask for damages”.

Juve FC Says

Pogba’s suspension should be the last straw for us because he has been a liability since he moved back to Turin.

The Frenchman is a player we were sure would eventually do well, so we have kept him.

However, if he is banned for any duration, the club has to terminate his deal immediately.