Paul Pogba believes teammate Paulo Dybala is a ‘phenomenon’ who can win the Ballon d’Or.

The French midfielder spoke with La Stampa about his hope for 2016 and his career so far.

“The last few months have been different to previous years, when we were always top of the table. Things have changed.

“I also treasure the defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League Final. We lost, but as they say, you learn from defeats and mistakes. I want to win it one day.

“Obviously without Andrea Pirlo, Arturo Vidal and Carlos Tevez it is a different Juventus. There’s more responsibility on the other players and we have to focus more on working as a unit. The same is true for me.

“Before I had Pirlo by my side and one of our opponents was always marking him. Now they put the same marker on me.

“I have to find the right moment to make the pass. I must learn and for that I watch Iniesta.

“I am not a classic Number 10 for my position on the field. I consider myself a midfielder and it is an honour to wear the number of so many Ballon d’Or winners.

“In the history of Juve it is a very important shirt and I want to honour it. When I look at the jersey, I do not see the number or even my name, I only see Juve: with the desire to give 100 per cent. And win.

“You can’t say we are any better or worse than last season, but the other teams have certainly strengthened. Having said that, we are not afraid of anyone.

“I am not surprised by Paulo Dybala, as he is my phenomenon. I love his technique and have always been crazy about left-footed players. That’s why I am learning to shoot with my left foot.

“I think Dybala can win the Ballon d’Or. We call him ‘R2 Squared,’ because those are the buttons you press on the Playstation to get his curling shot. He always scores like that.”

Juve will be facing German champions Bayern Munich in the Champions League but Pogba isn’t concerned.

“On the one hand we could’ve got an easier draw, but on the other it’s good that everyone expects us to lose. They said the same in the semi-final against Real Madrid last season.

“It’s tough to play against Vidal, though. I am nobody yet, I’ve done nothing in my career.”