Paul Pogba’s presence in the media has been diminishing as Juventus seems to be moving forward without the suspended midfielder.

Pogba recently tested positive for a drug test following the season’s opening game, but he was only informed of the result this month. Juventus has been cooperating with the relevant authorities, and Pogba has requested a counter-analysis of his sample, which is scheduled to take place in the first week of next month. There remains a glimmer of hope that he could be cleared, but the process is not straightforward.

Meanwhile, Juventus is actively exploring the possibility of securing a replacement for Pogba in the January transfer window, especially if he is banned. A report from Il Bianconero suggests that there has been a significant lapse in communication between Pogba and the club.

The focus for Juventus is now on the available players as they aim to have a more successful season compared to the previous one, prioritising on-field matters over the ongoing Pogba situation.

Juve FC Says

We have no reason to focus on a potential ban on Pogba. The club will easily terminate his contract and it should be by mutual consent because he has hardly contributed to our success since he returned last season.

We have a chance to let him go if he is banned and a replacement should come in by January.