Paul Pogba declares his intention to return to the pitch, noting that he remains a Juventus player, although his future is unclear.

The 31-year-old joined the Bianconeri for a second stint in July 2022, but it has proven to be an ill-fated move on the club’s part.

The Frenchman missed the vast majority of the 2022/23 on the treatment, while the previous campaign was wrecked by a suspension due to a failed drug test.

The former Man United star has been slapped with a four-year ban but is hoping to reduce it through an appeal.

In recent weeks, circulating online videos showed the player admitting he’s finished. Nevertheless, Pogba insists these are edits from old interviews, as he remains keen on making a comeback.

“If you haven’t seen an interview of mine in which I say I’m retiring, it means that’s not the case, because I still feel like a footballer,” said the 2018 World Cup winner in an interview with Sky Sport Italia via IlBianconero.

“I want to fight this injustice. An old and false interview came out recently. Pogba is not finished. Pogba is here and until you see me say I’m finished, you can rest assured.

“I have a huge desire to come back, I feel like a child who wants to be a professional.”

Pogba notes that he remains on Juve’s books, suggesting that the club is awaiting the outcome of the appeal before making a definitive decision on his future.

“The last time I checked, I was still a Juventus player. I have the contract but I have not had the opportunity to speak with the director and coach… There’s only silence.

“I think they are waiting for the outcome of the appeal but you have to ask them.”