Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has received an invitation to participate in a hearing concerning the extortion case involving his brother and a group of childhood friends.

Pogba found himself at gunpoint following several extortion attempts made by individuals close to him seeking money from the 2018 World Cup champion.

He had been keeping these threats concealed, managing them privately, until his brother made certain allegations public, prompting him to break his silence. Subsequently, both Turin and French authorities launched investigations into the matter.

Mathias Pogba, the Frenchman’s sibling, along with some childhood acquaintances, were briefly detained and subsequently released, while the investigation continued.

Football Italia has disclosed that the hearing is scheduled for September 15th, with an invitation extended to Paul Pogba. However, it remains uncertain whether he will attend, and the hearing is expected to proceed even in his absence.

Juve FC Says

This shocking case is the last thing Pogba needs now as he works his way back to full fitness and the midfielder will likely decline to attend in person.

He is working hard to become helpful to Juventus again consistently and we expect him to continue to improve as the season progresses.