Juventus is displaying a strong desire to welcome Paul Pogba back into their ranks, as the midfielder exhibited an impressive performance during their recent pre-season encounter against Alessandria, held yesterday.

The French player had re-joined the club as a free agent at the commencement of the previous season, emerging as one of their most impactful signings.

Throughout the course of that season, the club had held aspirations of incorporating him into their starting lineup on a more consistent basis. However, Pogba’s appearances did not align with their wishes, leading the team to lean on other players.

His playing time seldom extended to the full 90 minutes in any given match, and he encountered several setbacks despite periods of apparent fitness.

Unlike some other players who were deemed surplus, Juventus has not marginalised Pogba, retaining a belief that he still holds the potential to contribute valuably to their cause.

Pogba, too, is surely hopeful of a positive resurgence, a sentiment echoed by Football Italia, who reported that he found the back of the net in the clash against Alessandria.

In this friendly fixture, Juventus emerged victorious with a commanding 5-0 scoreline, with Dusan Vlahovic also making his mark on the scoresheet. Such victories are bound to invigorate the fan base and heighten their optimism for a successful season ahead.

Juve FC Says

It is great to see Pogba back in the group and even among the goals, which is a sign of good things to come.

The midfielder will be a potent weapon for us if he stays fit and performs well during the season.

Hopefully, he will be fit longer this time and do well for us during the campaign.