Paul Pogba declared Juve are ‘the club of my heart’ and insists the Bianconeri can still challenge for the Serie A title.

The French midfielder spoke with the Juventus official TV channel and talked of his love for the club and ambitions for the season.

“Juve are the first team where I started to play,” Pogba told the club’s official television channel.

“They’re the team who allowed me to go to the national team, the team where I scored my first goal, so now they’re the club of my heart.

“They let me prove myself in football, and had the confidence in me to put me on the pitch.

“How much do I love Juve out of 10? 10! Since I’ve been here, I’ve always given my best for the club, for the shirt, for everything. I play at 100 per cent. Always.

“It’s been a difficult start to the season, but we can come back.

“We just have to take it one game at a time and try and win some games. We’re only thinking about the next game, that’s how it has to be.

“Before everyone knew we were winning, and this year it’s even more difficult. When you win the Scudetto four times, everyone is waiting for Juve, and wants to win against Juve.

“It’s normal that it’s increasingly difficult, but we know what we need to do, we know it will be much more difficult than last year and past years.

“We always have confidence and trust in ourselves, we always have to think about the next game and give our all.”

The 22-year-old also touched on his relationship with the Juve supporters and how much their support matters.

“We always need them, just as much when we’re doing badly as when we’re doing well.

“In the 80th or 90th minute, just the fact of hearing ‘Forza Juve’ gives us strength, you want to do something for them, for the team, and they help you a lot.

“It gives you energy, the derby [v Torino] is the perfect example.”