A new report has shed light on the supplement that Paul Pogba took, leading to his current doping troubles. The supplement apparently contained a warning about its associated risks.

Paul Pogba is facing the possibility of an extended ban, which could potentially spell the end of his football career, following a failed doping test after Juventus’ victory over Udinese.

This setback comes as Pogba was in the process of recovering from a serious injury that had sidelined him at the beginning of the previous season. Given his extensive experience as a professional footballer, it is surprising that he would take such a risk.

According to a report from Football Italia, the substance in question had a clear warning regarding potential risks. Furthermore, Pogba received the recommendation to use this substance from a source unrelated to Juventus.

Pogba is now pinning his hopes on a second analysis of the sample to clear his name. However, if he is indeed banned, he could face a suspension of around four years, which would likely mark the end of his footballing career.

Juve FC Says

Pogba has let us all down, but now is not the time to judge him. The club needs to terminate his deal so we can move on if this second sample analysis confirms he has taken a banned substance.