Paul Pogba is taking steps to address the failed drug test by requesting a counter-analysis of the sample in question. The outcome of this counter-analysis will be crucial in determining whether he faces a ban.

Juventus is actively collaborating with Pogba and relevant authorities to navigate this issue, but there remains a risk of a potential ban of up to four years if the results align with the initial test.

Should the second analysis confirm the initial findings, Pogba will need to provide an explanation for how the substance entered his system. His ability to convince the authorities will be pivotal in determining the severity of his punishment, but a favourable outcome is not guaranteed.

A report from Tuttojuve suggests that Pogba wants a sentence of not more than a year, as a ban of up to four years could effectively end his professional career. He is also open to exploring the possibility of reaching a plea deal with the authorities.

The resolution of this situation is expected to be protracted, and Pogba will undoubtedly hope for a favourable verdict as this saga unfolds.

Juve FC Says

It does not seem like Pogba will have a soft landing in this doping case, but he is trying his best to ensure he gets that.

The World Cup winner has been one of the best players in Europe for a long time, but that will not count now that he has failed a drug test.