Paul Pogba has shown dedication by returning for pre-season earlier than his Juventus teammates, aiming to be in better shape and sharper on the field. This is particularly commendable considering the player’s struggles with injuries throughout the previous season, which resulted in him not completing a full game.

Despite his efforts to get back on track, Pogba has not been able to participate in any pre-season matches for the club, despite starting training ahead of his colleagues. The uncertainty surrounding his return persists, and Il Bianconero reports that he will certainly miss Juventus’ first league game of the season against Udinese.

The French midfielder’s injury is still fresh, and the effects of the surgery he underwent late last year continue to linger. Whenever the club attempts to increase his workload, Pogba experiences pain, forcing him to remain on the sidelines.

Given the ongoing situation, Juventus is reportedly contemplating the possibility of asking the World Cup winner to consider reducing some of his wages until he can play regularly for the club again. Pogba is well aware that the club has shown patience with him for over a year, and he may be willing to agree to such a measure to support the club’s financial situation during this challenging time.

Juve FC Says

Pogba’s injury has made us struggle to achieve what we planned with him in the picture.

We hope things get better, but Pogba must be open to reducing some of his huge salaries or even terminating his contract at the club.