Former Torino man Massimo Brambati has made a shocking revelation about Paul Pogba’s injury situation by claiming the midfielder’s absence is down more to psychology.

Pogba has been at the club since the start of this season, yet he has not made a competitive appearance for the Bianconeri so far.

This is because he suffered an injury in pre-season and continues to suffer setbacks on his road to recovery.

Juve has made plans without him in the picture and the club hope he will be fit to play some role in this campaign.

However, Brambati says the Frenchman is fearful and does not handle a large workload.

He said via Tuttojuve: “Allegri’s response to Pogba given to the media makes sense. They tell me that the muscle injury never happened, I invented it because it has a psychological injury. When he pushes he is so afraid to go beyond the threshold that he freezes. 

“He has a psychological block now and will continue not to play until he solves this problem. I confirm, I have been told by someone, by a source. Allegri says he doesn’t know when he will replay and this has made me suspicious. If it is muscular at some point you come back, instead if it says so it is because there is more”.

Juve FC Says

Pogba’s absence has been so long it is now embarrassing and the midfielder is a player we need to get back to fitness as soon as possible.

If this continues until the end of the season, it could be a clear sign that the midfielder will struggle to play regularly for us even if he is fit and we probably should offload him.