In recent months, we found ourselves forced to report news that aren’t directly linked to the essence of football, but instead related to investigations regarding alleged legal and financial wrongdoings on the club’s part.

But thankfully, a positive news has recently emerged for Juventus, as the club has apparently won a round in what has already been a long and exhausting legal battle.

According to Tuttosport via Calciomercato, the investigation judge of Turin Ludovico Morello has rejected the requests of the prosecutor’s office who asked for stern punishments against Juventus.

The source explains that the judge made his decision while taking into account three elements:

Firstly, registering capital gains is a common practice amongst football clubs, and the Bianconeri had no criminal intent in this regard.

Secondly, Juventus as a club has clean record and are perfectly integrated into the economic and social fabric.

Finally, deferring wages from one financial year to another was a temporary maneuver related to Covid-19 since the pandemic had brought up unforeseen economical troubles which threatened clubs to their very foundation.

So while this significant development should surely be viewed in a positive light, we must remember that the road ahead remains long and bumpy.