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Premier League moves touted for five Juventus stars

March 23, 2021 - 10:41 am

Juventus’s season is far from finished yet with 11 Serie A matches and the Coppa Italia final still to play, but talk is already beginning to focus on the summer transfer window.

There is much talk about Cristiano Ronaldo and Andrea Pirlo’s futures, as well as many others, but today’s report in TuttoSport claims that five of our players could be headed for England.

Aaron Ramsey appears to be the main player who is expected to be given his marching rights, with his on-and-off injury issues and inconsistent displays highlighting his unimportance to our side.

Matthijs De Ligt, Federico Chiesa, Dejan Kulusevski, Arthur, Weston McKennie and Danilo are named as the only players who definitely will not be available come the summer, while Leo Bonucci could well join that list.

This leaves a number of players who could depart, and Merih Demiral, Adrien Rabiot, Alex Sandro and Douglas Costa are tipped to move to the Premier League.

Manchester City are claimed to be of interest in the French midfielder, who has shown glimpses of his talents this season as he earned special praise from Pirlo early in the campaign.

The Brazilian winger is currently on-loan with former side Bayern Munich, but he has been used sparingly throughout and hasn’t in fact completed the full 90 minutes of a single Bundesliga match this term, although his latest injury setback will not have helped proceedings.

It will be interesting to see if we can attract buyers for these players from England, where certain clubs are known for spending, and this could well bolster our transfer funds ahead of our own summer of signings.


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  • Avatar
    Barry March 23, 2021 at 1:25 pm

    Season is ” fart” from finishing eh? Reckon this unconscious error perfectly describes Juventus play at the moment.
    Why are they even considering selling Demiral. Because other teams want him? Surely a reason NOT to sell.I know he has a few injury problems but if you want typical juve grinta then he embodies it in spades.
    Why sell Romero to Atalanta? This mini monster has shown his class all over the pitch this season. Our full back Pellegrini playing for Genoa why not backup at Juventus?

    List to sell should include 5/7 youth players as is the norm to make a possible 40mil. Also can leave Sandro( shadow of his former self hasn’t played in consistent form for maybe 3 years. Get rid of Bonucci I was hoping he would leave long before his move to Milan as his concentration in his position is abysmal, Hollywood passes are lovely to look at but if you switch off in defence 30 percent of the time then what good are you as a defender? Sell Rabiot talented but too overconfident. Bernardeschi, I mean how can a professional footballer with a left foot not cross a ball from the left wing, Sandro slips into this category too as do most of our fullback and wing options eg. Cuadrado. Sell Dybala if needs must, breaks my heart but his wage is only increasing has not reached his potential except for sporadic bursts and deserves a chance to show his worth with some other big team. Release or sell Ramsey, sorry man talented as you are you couldn’t stay fit enough to walk a dog on a sunday not to mention dominate a football game.

    Conservatively sales of 5/7 youth players 30m, Sandro 25/30? Bonucci 25+ , Bernardeschi would take 20m to let him try somewhere else. Rabiot 30m? Dybala 40m? Oh ya Costa can go too for 10/15m Any sales should consider add-ons and buy back options ( getting rid of two players to get them off the wage bill is great if it happens but why did it come to this?) That is an estimate of 180 million obviously pandemic prices will vary but you get Sandro, Ramsey, Rabiot, Costa and potentially Dybala’s huge wages off the books to come close to looking profitable again.

    I would stick Artur here too because of his playing style, been thinking like this long before his recent stupid error, he loves holding the ball and turning in circles while better passing options are forced to run into dead ends because he wont release the ball. Rarely passes long except to try a ridiculous pass like that crazy decision against the mighty Benevento.

    Must keep de Ligt and Demiral ( bring back Romero if possible ). Danilo who has grown considerably in my eyes from pathetic to now at least consistently dependable. Bentancur must be given a chance to develop he is being made a scapegoat for a poorly assembled squad. Weston Mckennie has surprised me greatly and continues even with injury to be the epitome of what Juve should be about.

    Ronaldo’s signing while great for the club has not been great for the team but the team is not really shaped for him either so the experiment can continue for another year.
    Why is Mandzukic playing for Milan?? Did our directors not realise he was a free agent? Why was he released in the first place anyway grrrrr…… some ridiculous decisions made since before Marotta left for Inter.
    Players like Tielemans were allowed to move club without even a whisper of interest for a now 23 year old with 7 years champions league experience.
    Build a bloody squad not just a collection of players. How many years have we made do with weak players in certain positions? A few years with no fullback? This year a lack of forwards, shortage at the back and a poorly assembled midfield and squad overall? How many players have been pigeon-holed into positions that they have no clue how to play, the last time I can remember this working was Zambrotta under Lippi.
    Overall how the hell can we be surprised that this team is floundering this year? Pirlo is not to blame here, yes he has made mistakes but when was the last time this team actually tried to play attractive football? We managed to win several of the last league titles more because of the lack of quality competition than our own great play or actual dominance of teams. Limping to 1- 0 victories against the main competitors is all well and good but the likes of ( no disrespect here) Benevento should be a confident 3-0 display.

    If Pirlo is sacked then maybe some of the directors and even owner should take a long hard look at themselves and consider falling on their swords for the good of the club. If Inter fail to win the league this year it will be more down to their own whining,moany, why always me attitude than anything that we do. Would rather see AC Milan win for many reasons- squad assembly and makeup, style of play and the bout of laughter I would get to see Mr. No good Manzukic lifting another league title while we sit on the sidelines congratulating them.
    That would be a perfect show of the recent myopic decisions of this club as a whole. To sign off, some of the professional footballers at this club are severely lacking in basic skills and mentality but given the crowded schedule, injuries and Covid I was willing to make allowances but that ends once the season has finished. Shame we will not reach ten in a row but we got 9 by chance and often by scraping some poor sometimes controversial results.
    Time to pull our heads out of our collective asses, reorganize and attract next year with a better squad and attitude. We cant just turn up to games for the win you have to fight for every victory.
    I live this club but some of the recent decisions have made me wish I supported a mid table fighter of a side.

    Trite as this may sound I will still say.
    Fino alla fine. And forza Juve forever.