Juventus has been in the news lately because of the several financial rules they seem to have broken and a prosecutor has now started calling for them to be punished heavily if it is true.

The Bianconeri have been accused of falsifying their accounts and making payments under the table to some players, most notably, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Some of these acts come with severe punishments, but the club maintains it has acted rightly and has even reviewed its financial statements.

Juve does not fear they will be punished because they feel they have done the right thing always, but the deputy prosecutor of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Naples Giuseppe Visone seems confident they have done wrong and asks for them to be punished.

He said via Tuttojuve:

“After the wrong purchase of Ronaldo, which among other things gave Marotta the idea of ​​leaving the club, I am unacceptable situations have been ringed together which will be clarified in the criminal court. Everything that has emerged is already emblematic of the violation of some rules of the sporting code. Let us always remember this, the golden rule of the sporting system is respect for sporting loyalty and “many of the conducts that are reported have certainly violated this rule. Juventus did not play according to the rules of their legal system and for this reason they will have to be heavily sanctioned.”

Juve FC Says

As long as the club insists it has done nothing wrong, as fans we support them and we expect them to prove their innocence, eventually.

Hopefully, the players can continue to prove their worth on the pitch and help us forget about our off-field troubles.