Juventus is still having legal troubles and investigators have asked for more days before presenting their case against the Bianconeri in the salary manoeuvre.

Juve has been accused of paying their players three months’ worth of salaries without recording them.

This means the Bianconeri have simply cooked their books for that period which is a serious offence in the law.

Juve has continued to deny any wrongdoing, but prosecutors believe they have a very strong case against the Bianconeri.

They have now asked for more time to put together a strong case against the black and white, with a report on Tuttomercatoweb revealing they want 40 more days.

Juve FC Says

The club is dealing with a 15-point deduction already and now we must prepare to respond to any verdict on the salary manoeuvre case.

This has to be one of the hardest times to be a Juventus worker, and we expect the club to do its best to defend its action.

However, the players must not allow these off-field problems to affect them because fans look to them, hoping they will keep winning matches to help their beloved side.

For now, we believe the club’s side of the story and hope they will succeed on appeal.