Nicolo Fagioli has received a seven-month ban after what appeared to be the conclusion of his betting investigation by the authorities. He is now training and receiving treatment for his betting addiction, but there is a possibility that the midfielder could be called in for further questioning.

During his confession to the authorities, he mentioned being threatened, with one of the illegal betting managers allegedly vowing to break his leg if he didn’t settle his debts. This claim is a serious offence, and a report on Calciomercato suggests that if the prosecutors decide to pursue this aspect of the case, they might call him back to provide more details about the threats he has faced.

Those who threatened him are expected to face consequences, but as of now, there has been no specific focus on that part of his confession.

Juve FC Says

It is indeed unclear whether Fagioli still owes money to the illegal betting organisations and if he is now required to pay, especially now that this issue has become public.

Threats should always be taken seriously, particularly when they involve such severe physical harm as breaking a footballer’s leg, which is arguably the most crucial part of their body.

We trust that the club is taking good care of the midfielder, which includes providing him with adequate security and support during this challenging time.