Juventus is under investigation for false accounting and other crimes by the Turin prosecutors’ office. However, they want the trial to be moved from Turin to Milan.

The Bianconeri have denied any wrongdoing despite the multitude of evidence prosecutors claim they have, which proves they have cooked their books.

The Bianconeri then requested for the trial to be moved to Milan. Still, it has been denied, according to a report on Tuttomercatoweb, with the prosecutor’s office releasing a statement reading:

“The request for transmission of the documents to a different public prosecutor, raised by the defence, remains precluded from the over-racing jurisdiction of the judge who proceeds before which the relative exception can be raised”.

Juve FC Says

This is a setback for the club, but as they have insisted they have done nothing wrong, we should be confident we will win the case regardless of the city the trial takes place.

Prosecutors also believe they have a better chance of finding us guilty, which could be why they want the trial to be held in Turin.

For now, fans will hope the case ends soon so we can focus on watching our team play on the field.