Juventus is now winless in four consecutive games, hitting a rough patch at the worst possible time in the season.

The Bianconeri displayed exceptional form in the first half of the term, but 2024 has proven to be a dismal year for them.

Their recent poor form, with just one win in their last nine games, ranks among the worst in the division over the past few weeks and poses a significant threat to their top-four aspirations.

Despite boasting some of the league’s best players in their squad, Juventus has struggled to secure victories.

While the players are undoubtedly giving their best effort on the pitch, the results indicate that their performance is falling short and needs to improve.

Daniele Adani has now responded to their recent struggles, accusing the Bianconeri players of lacking the commitment necessary to secure victories.

He said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

“Going back to what Szczesny was saying, it seems strange to me that there is little assumption of responsibility. It doesn’t mean that commitment is lacking. , the attention, which I don’t question, absolutely zero. Indeed, it was the commitment that even when you didn’t play well you scored goals.” 

“However, there is little assumption of responsibility on the part of the coach and the club they must raise awareness of a path that is negative, not sufficient. Juventus does not play in European cups, they should have been more competitive. There is a lot to do to change and reverse a course that is not in keeping with history, the fans and the history of Allegri himself.”

Juve FC Says

Our players will disagree with Adani, but the evidence on the pitch probably backs him up.

We have been terrible, and no team will play the way we do and expect to win games.