Pundit Massimo Mauro discussed the escalating tensions between Max Allegri and Cristiano Giuntoli during Juventus’ Coppa Italia final against Atalanta. Their strained relationship had been evident for weeks, if not months.

When the Coppa Italia final took place, the disagreements between Allegri and Giuntoli were clear. This discord was highlighted by Giuntoli’s absence from Juve’s celebration after winning the Italian Cup.

Allegri’s visible frustration at the end of the game, which ultimately led to his dismissal, was a significant indicator of the underlying issues.

As Juventus prepares to move on, Thiago Motta is expected to be confirmed as their new manager in the coming weeks. However, Mauro emphasises that the actions and tension between Allegri and Giuntoli point to deeper issues within the club.

These tensions, according to Mauro, suggest that there were significant behind-the-scenes conflicts that contributed to the dramatic conclusion of Allegri’s tenure at Juventus.

He explained on Il Bianconero:

“The argument with sporting director Giuntoli was so blatant as to make it clear that there are things that we don’t know, otherwise it is clear that he would not have reacted like this. I don’t understand why they don’t say the truth. At these levels you can’t see shows like that, a coach who doesn’t behave well and a manager who can’t celebrate with the team.”

Juve FC Says

This has been a tough season for Juve, and it is normal for their manager and sporting director to have issues.

Giuntoli has now won as Allegri has left, and hopefully, this new era will bring more success to the Bianconeri.