Due to his prolonged injury in 2022 and the recurring minor physical issues, Federico Chiesa has been perceived as a player with persistent physical problems.

The Azzurri star has played a crucial role for Juventus this season, consistently delivering strong performances whenever he takes the field. However, concerns linger about his long-term fitness, given his history of injuries.

Despite expressing that he has fully recovered from previous problems, there remains uncertainty about his availability for certain games, leading to the label of being a fragile, injury-prone player.

Journalist Guido Vaciago contends that Chiesa does not experience injuries frequently enough to be deemed a fragile player.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“There are players who compromise their careers due to injuries because they don’t have the right continuity. To say that about Chiesa we have to wait. He has his fragility but he has also had these problems for a year. Let’s wait for this to be repeated for several seasons to say that he is a fragile footballer. When he has played he has always been one of the best, like against Salernitana in the Italian Cup.”

Juve FC Says

Chiesa has missed many games because of physical problems, but he plays more games per season than people like to believe.

We just need him to start scoring more goals to make the team better and improve our results.