Pundit Massimo Brambati is expressing dissatisfaction with Juventus manager Max Allegri and believes that Allegri only received a long-term contract because Beppe Marotta had left the club.

Allegri was rumoured to be a target for Real Madrid in the summer of 2021 as the Spanish giants searched for a new manager. However, Juventus swiftly appointed him as their manager and granted his wish for a four-year contract, despite not having managed any club for two seasons.

It appeared that Juventus acted out of panic and didn’t want to lose Allegri to Madrid. However, his return has been disastrous, and Juventus may now regret not allowing him to join Madrid.

Despite not winning any trophies in his two terms, Allegri could potentially remain as manager for a third season. Brambati, speaking via Tuttomercatoweb, stated, “‘He came up with this. He already had a rough deal with Real Madrid, but he used Real’s offer to leverage Juventus’ and preferred to stay at home. He believed that being in Turin with familiar people, he could rectify things and take advantage of the chaotic state of affairs.”

Brambati further criticized the club’s management, stating, “Only a management in this state could offer a four-year contract to a coach who had been out of work for two seasons. Marotta would never have given Allegri a four-year contract.”

Juve FC Says

Allegri has not done well as our manager so far and simply has to go for a new man to rebuild the team.

However, he is highly paid and the club might struggle to pay him off if he is asked to leave, which might mean another season for him on the bench.