Juventus has been on a poor run of form over the last few weeks as the Bianconeri struggle to secure victories.

The team started this season in fine fashion, but they are now finding it difficult to maintain their position in the top three.

Their form has seen a remarkable decline since their match against Inter Milan, and fans are now hoping for a strong finish to the season.

Almost no one expects a good performance from them anymore, as they simply lack confidence on the field.

This lack of confidence is evident in their games, making them vulnerable to smaller clubs despite the significant difference in reputation.

Pundit Mimmo Celsi believes that Juventus’ problem is primarily a mental one and suggests that Allegri alone should not be blamed.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“I think Juventus’ problem is the head because the team runs, but runs poorly and handles the ball poorly. It’s clear that Massimiliano Allegri has some faults, but when you see wrong controls or wrong timing choices, it’s the player who is decisive and the manager has little to do with it. 

“Blaming Allegri alone bothers me, the difference in certain moments of the match is made by the experience and quality of the players. Speaking of the season in general, Juve are where everyone would have imagined they would be at the start of the championship when it comes to points, with the team still fighting for the goals they could aspire to when the season kicked off.”

Juve FC Says

We have struggled on the pitch this season and Celsi could be right because the mental state of the players affects their performances.