Juventus wants Thiago Motta to become their next manager, and the Bianconeri have been working on the transfer for a long time.

The club has contacted him to become their next boss, and he has informed Bologna that he is leaving.

However, Juventus has not yet officially announced him as their next manager, leaving room for another club to potentially make him their next gaffer.

Motta is a highly rated manager, and clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United are also interested in appointing him as their next coach.

However, Juventus remains confident, and their offer is already on the table for him to consider.

The men in black and white have been urged by Stefano Impallomeni to speed up his appointment. He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

 “Barcelona has announced the farewell to Xavi, so I believe that Juve should speed up with Motta. There is talk of Flick for the Blaugrana, but has the former Bologna player has always been linked to that club?”

Juve FC Says

Motta is a sought-after manager, and we understand why Stefano Impallomeni is worried.

However, he seems to have accepted our proposal, and it is highly probable that he will be our next coach.