Eraldo Pecci, a former Fiorentina player turned pundit, has revised his list of potential title contenders in light of Juventus’ recent performance against Bologna.

After an impressive start to the season with a victory against Udinese, Juventus appeared poised to maintain their winning streak and carry forward their strong form. Fans were eagerly anticipating their matches and had high hopes for a favourable outcome in the game against Bologna.

However, expectations were not met as Juventus failed to secure a victory, resulting in a drawn match and the loss of two crucial points. This performance has led to doubts among supporters about the team’s ability to contend for the title this season, even in the absence of European competitions.

Pecci, having observed their display against Bologna, has now excluded Juventus from his list of potential title contenders. The team’s performance against a formidable opponent left him unconvinced about their prospects.

Speaking about his title predictions, Pecci says via Tuttojuve:

Pogba? He hasn’t played for almost two years, he’ll need to get back into match rhythm.

“Certainly, the enthusiasm that was created, the new air that Juve breathed, could help him, but if he has to enter and solve the problems, it seems to me soon. He has great qualities, but he hasn’t played for two years. 

“After two days, I’ll remove Juventus from among the favourites and put Milan with Napoli and Inter, because after Bologna they took three steps backwards.”

Juve FC Says

It is too early to judge Juventus and we do not have to start panicking already. There are over 35 more matches to play, so we need to stay calm and continue supporting the boys until they achieve their seasonal goals.