At the end of last season, many believed that Adrien Rabiot had played his final match for Juventus.

The 28-year-old was running on an expiring contract and the parties hadn’t yet found an agreement.

But while the midfielder was about to test the free market waters, he ended up making a 180-degree turn and signing a one-year extension with the Bianconeri.

In a recent interview, the 2022 World Cup finalist admits that his status with the French national team affected his decision to stay in Turin.

“Did I stay for another year in Italy to prepare well for Euro 2024? Yes, this played an important part in my decision,” said the former PSG man in an interview with L’Equipe via ilBianconero

“It’s not easy to adapt to a new club. With Juve, we won’t play European football but I take it as an opportunity to train harder, which is something you can’t do when you play every three days.”

Rabiot also spoke about his goalscoring record which he still aims to further improve. He also explains why he’s not interested in signing endorsement deals.

“Allegri insists that I must score more goals, and he’s right. My numbers could be higher even if I netted eleven goals last season.

“All of my coaches told me so, even Laurent Blanc at PSG. I have room for progress, and this is one of the aspects that I can improve.

“I chose to be free of endorsement deals. We know that with contracts there are always constraints, and a lot of things to do, like photoshoots left and right.

“I don’t feel like it. We hardly have enough rest time between the matches. I prefer to take advantage of it to recover rather than go shooting in Ibiza or some other place. I earn enough, I don’t need this money.”