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Rabiot highlights the difference between France and Italy amidst handball controversy

March 22, 2023 - 7:00 pm

Last Sunday, Juventus deservedly earned all three points after outclassing Inter on their own turf at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium.

While Filip Kostic scored the solitary goal of the Derby d’Italia, a possible handball on Adrien Rabiot in the leadup sparked major controversy during and after the encounter.

For his part, the midfielder took the incident as an example to highlight the difference between Italian and French football.

The former PSG man explains that in his home country, such events normally end at the final whistle, while in Italy it rages on for several days.

“In France, all this media tidal wave wouldn’t have arisen,” said Rabiot in his interview with Tuttosport via Calciomercato.

“In Italy, I understand that it’s always like this, when there is something that can cause discussion, we talk about it it a lot and for a long time.

“In Italy, football is lived almost like a religion and therefore it represents a very important part of people’s lives. So I can understand why you talk so much about everything that happens on the pitch.”

On another note, the World Cup finalist felt that his side played against a weaker version of Inter compared to the one that caused Juventus more trouble in the previous fixture in Turin.

“The impression I got on Sunday was that of a weaker Inter than the one we challenged in the previous fixture in Turin, or even in the last two seasons.

“I had the feeling that they felt less secure, after all, they have lost many games in this campaign.”

So is the Old Lady the favorite heading into the Coppa Italia semi-finals?

“Well, if we look at what the results suggest this season, then we have to highlight our victory in Turin and then the recent one at their home.

“So from a purely psychological point of view, this can be a small advantage. However, if we compare the two squads, we see that the values ​​are quite similar.

“When I look back on these last few weeks and consider our performances, I can’t help but feel confident in both Coppa Italia and the Europa League.”

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