A report from La Stampa suggests Adrien Rabiot has remained in France ‘in protest’ against Juventus.

The 25-year-old returned to the French Riviera during the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy and unlike his teammates, has failed to return to Turin this week.

According to a report in La Stampa newspaper, Rabiot opted to remain in France as a gorm of ‘personal strike’ against the club, due to his disagreement with taking a wage-cut.

The club had previously announced that the players had come together to agree a cut/deferral of wages to help the economic burden while Serie A was postponed.

The report suggests Rabiot was against lowering his annual salary of €8m a year, and ignored the call from the club to return to Turin, thus irritating club management for his lack of professionalism.

La Stampa suggest the course of action was taken by the player under advisement of his mother and agent, and will have to be explained to the club directors when he travels back to Turin.

Rabiot’s future has looked uncertain with recent reports linking him with a move to Manchester United or Everton where he would link up with former coach Carlo Ancelotti who is reportedly keen to sign him.