Yesterday, Adrien Rabiot proved to be a great protagonist in the encounter between Juventus and their rivals Fiorentina. The Frenchman’s goal was the lone difference between the two sides.

The 27-year-old managed to meet an exquisite cross from Angel Di Maria, and his header sneaked past the goal-line just enough for the referee to receive a signal.

As we all know by now, the former Paris Saint-Germain player is currently running on an expiring contract, and the management will surely struggle to maintain a hold on him, especially amidst the current financial troubles.

Therefore, Rabiot preferred to avoid any question related to his future at Juventus. Instead, he insisted that he’s absolutely focused on the present.

“Right now I feel good but I don’t know what will happen,” said the World Cup finalist in his post-match interview with DAZN via ilBianconero.

“The important thing is to give 100% then we will see what happens, we will talk to the club, but now there are more important things”.

Juve FC say

This is surely a diplomatic, if not satisfactory answer from the midfielder who probably knows – as well as we do – that his future most likely lies elsewhere.

So let’s focus on finishing the campaign with the least possible damage before figuring out new solution for the next campaign, which could well be recalling some of our promising youngsters.