Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot discusses his future while defending his teammate and compatriot Paul Pogba.

The 28-year-old signed a contract renewal at the end of the last season, but it only pushed the deadline until June 2024.

Therefore, the Frenchman’s fate remains up in the air, with the club hoping to tie him down to a long-term deal.

Nevertheless, Rabiot expects to have the matter settled towards the end of the season, ideally before the European Championship.

The midfielder also hints that qualifying for the next edition of the Champions League will play an integral role in his decision, especially after missing out on the tournament this term.

“For the moment, I have not decided anything about my future,” revealed Rabiot in a press conference held by the French national team via La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Last summer, I stayed in Turin knowing that we wouldn’t play in Europe. It was an important choice on my part.

“Next season we should play in the Champions League and participate in the Club World Cup as well.

“These are important elements that I reflect on, but I haven’t decided yet. I want to finish the season on a high note, stay focused and regain my best physically.

“I’m not in a hurry, but I have to think about it carefully because I’m reaching an important stage in my career.

“It will be important to make the right choice, perhaps it would be for the best to do so before the European Championship, to be on the safe side.”

On the other hand, Rabiot doesn’t see a future for himself at Paris Saint-Germain. The France international started his career with the Ligue 1 champions but left on a sour note in 2019.

“Every summer, I’m linked with PSG. it’s nice but it would be complicated given how our first stint ended.

“But in football, you never close the door. Yet, PSG wouldn’t be a priority for me.”

Finally, the Juventus vice-captain had a message of support for his teammate Pogba who was recently slapped with a four-year suspension for doping.

 “Shame about the lengthy ban. I often talk to Paul. He often comes to Turin, even recently. 

“I know he is waiting to learn the exact reasons for the suspension before appealing.

“I hope the sanction is reduced because, based on what Paul told me, four years of punishment in a situation like this seems a bit excessive to me.

“I hope that the sanction will be reviewed.”