Earlier this month, France came extremely close to successfully defending their crown, but fell just short following penalty shootouts in what was a thrilling World Cup final against Argentina.

While Lionel Messi had stolen the show, it was his Paris Saint-Germain teammate Kylian Mbappé who kept dragging Les Bleus back to the match with a personal hattrick. But in a recent interview, Adrien Rabiot revealed what annoys him the most about his international teammate.

The Juventus midfielder said that the PSG star changes his voices during interviews which is irritating. While the comment was probably passed as a joke, it was enough to stir controversy.

“Kylian really annoys me when he changes his voice during interviews,” said Rabiot while chatting with Twitter channel Carré via Corriere dello Sport.

“When we’re together, he speaks normally. Then during interviews his voice changes, it’s really annoying and stressful.”

This topic was probably a running joke amongst the French players during their participation in Qatar 2022, but perhaps it was an ill-advised revelation from Rabiot considering the history between the two families.

After France’s elimination at the hands of Switzerland at Euro 2020, cameras had caught Veronique Rabiot (Adrien’s mother) furiously lashing out at Mbappé’s parents, causing a major debacle in the French media.