Adrien Rabiot was one of the last people to respond to Juventus’ request to defer some of their salaries when the covid pandemic hit their finances hardly.

The Bianconeri are being investigated for lying that their players agreed not to receive pay for a few months while paying them outside their budget.

The prosecutors wiretapped some phones and also interviewed some of the club’s players and officials.

Different stories have been told to them and a new revelation reveals Rabiot’s mom, Veronique Rabiot, who also represents him, was reportedly not happy with the agreement, according to Football Italia.

The midfielder was one of the last to respond to the club’s request and they agreed to defer three months’ pay instead of four.

Juve FC Says

As more revelations emerge especially from the interviews conducted with players and officials of the club, it seems clear the Bianconeri team were not on the same page.

The covid-19 outbreak came surprisingly and several players did not plan to have their wages slashed for any reason, which is why we are having this difference of opinion.

However, as long as the club can prove it did nothing wrong, we expect to triumph when this trial heads to court.